Mathilde Allain

Chief Editor

Mathilde Allain is a South America Analyst, with a particular focus on Colombia and Chile. Her research addresses social movements, the role of civil society in peace processes, and the political economy of land and natural resources. She is based in Santiago de Chile.

She is Associate Researcher at the Emile Durkheim Center at Sciences-Po Bordeaux and conducted her PhD research at the Emile Durkheim Center at Sciences-Po Bordeaux (2012-2016), co-supervised at the CRAPE (Center for Research on Political Action in Europe) in Rennes.

She is a graduate of Sciences-Po Bordeaux and holds a Master’s in Risk Management in the South, International Cooperation and Development. Since 2012, she has carried out research in several rural areas in Colombia, and since 2016 in Chile with various civil society organizations.

Research Area: Colombia, Chili
Languages: English, French, Spanish


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