Our project

Noria is a collective of researchers and a network of independent political analysts.

Since 2011, Noria has been exploring the political and social dynamics that transform international affairs, starting from the local level.

Noria brings together specialists in comparative politics around shared methods and objectives: producing, valorizing and disseminating fieldwork-based research and political analysis.

Our work focuses on the following themes: political systems; violence and armed conflicts; foreign policy and international migrations. It is based on first-hand research.

Our goals

Produce and disseminate open and free research through the online publication of fieldwork-based analyses, maps and photo features, as well as public events in France and abroad.

Foster collective thinking and research, notably by training and supporting young researchers and analysts.

‣ Bring researchers together around collaborative, fieldwork-based, long-term projects.

Use our experience in the field to advise a variety of actors: journalists, NGOs, political leaders, experts, etc.

Noria, the origins

Noun. From the Spanish noria and the Arabic ناعورة. It designs an irrigation device, invented in the Middle East and Andalusia, and consisting of a series of continually turning buckets on a wheel, that collects water from rivers in order to regulate land irrigation.

Our Team