Doing research

Noria is an independent network that leads and funds its own research programs.

These programs bring together teams of researchers for long-term inquiries based on both regional and thematic approaches.

Our teams produce a continuous feed of research and analysis, collectively in constant touch with their field sites.

These reseach programs play a central role in our collaboration with institutional and academic partners, in France and abroad. They are also the driving force of our public events (conferences, workshops, research trips, etc.).

Training for research

Noria trains young researchers in fieldwork methodology and the social sciences. Training is conducted through constant exchange between specialists of different regions, themes and disciplines.

Our monthly roundtables allow young researchers to present their work to a specialized audience, able to help them and valorize their work by integrating them in the Noria collective.

Funding research

Lastly, our network helps its members to find and obtain research funding, inside or outside academia. In 2018, Noria will create fieldwork grants and Noria Prize destined for MA students.