Observing, Analyzing & Understanding Dynamics of Violence in Mexico & Central America

In the past 20 years, and in parallel to rising homicide rates in the region, we have witnessed an explosion in writing on violence in Mexico & Central America. Yet, a large proportion of this academic, journalistic and ‘expert’ work, as well as national and regional security policies, are characterized by the distance – both physical and analytical – that they maintain from the local realities that affect the region.

Because of this distance, as well as a strong normative stance on ‘criminal violence’, one can observe a lack of understanding around the local dynamics of security, governance and (dis)order.

Our program will address this situation by producing knowledge based on independent, original, and field-based research. And in order to disseminate this knowledge to the broadest audience, our program gathers researchers, journalists, cartographers and photographers who will launch long-term research projects on:

  1. Social Dynamics of Violence, Political Orders, and Criminal Organizations
  2. Migration, Displacement, and Forced Disappearances
  3. Public Security Policies, Drugs Policy, and State Governance

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