Noria is a publication platform that provides an original and lasting production to the public. We are currently investing to make sure that Noria publications remain accessible free of charge, in English and in French.

Noria publishes analyses, maps and photo features, all based on fieldwork. Our publications focus on the following themes: political systems; violence and armed conflicts; foreign policy ; international migrations.


Noria publishes texts by scholars either independent or affiliated with universities, research centers and think tanks. Young researchers are particularly encouraged to submit articles. Noria articles are original analyses based on first-hand sources (field observation and interviews, written sources, archives, etc.) and on the methods and tools of the social sciences.

Noria publications follow guidelines that combine scientific rigor and accessibility to non-academic readers. With the diversity of this readership in mind, our authors offer carefully contextualized analyses in order to address a wide audience.

Our publications are validated by a committee that guarantees the respect of Noria publishing rules, first and foremost the use of first-hand data, original research and intellectual rigor.


Noria’s cartography department publishes original maps combining quantitative and qualitative data, frequently collected from the field. It diversifies Noria’s offer and contributes to our reflection on the best ways to communicate ethnographic data. In line with our privileged themes of analysis, our maps focus on the spatial dimension of power relations between political and social actors.


Noria photo features are authored by independent photographers or researchers. They can be published alongside with articles or as stand-alone works. We ambition to foster reflection on the links between photographic, documentary, and analytical work. Members of Noria regulary collaborate with photographers preparing or completing photo features. We encourage this type of collaboration by associating artists and journalists to our public events.