Editorial Guidelines

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1. Editorial Board

Our editorial effort is coordinated by a independent Board:

Dr. Cecilia Farfán-Mendez (Chief Editor)
Dr. Irene Álvarez Rodriguez (Blog Editor)
Dr. Carlos Pérez Ricart
Dr. Nathaniel Morris

2. Ongoing Call for Papers & Guidelines

Noria’s initiative aims to support qualitative research that enables a better understanding of the dynamics of violence in Mexico and Central America.

Our Editorial Board continuously receives proposals geared for a general public written in English or Spanish for publication on its website.

Editorial Guidelines

-1- The paper’s object of study should be clearly defined, and relevant to Noria’s Mexico and Central America program.

See: https://www.noria-research.com/research/noria-mexico-central-america/

-2- We encourage prospective authors to read our Manifesto entitled ‘Debunking the Wars. A Call for Local Understanding of Violence in Mexico and Central America’, which establishes the conceptual approach and the main areas of focus informing Noria’s MXCA Program.

See: https://www.noria-research.com/debunking-the-wars/

-3- Papers might be based on any of the MXCA Program’s 3 axis of investigation (although not exclusively):

Social Dynamics of Violence, Political Orders and Criminal Organizations;
Migration, Displacement, and Forced Disappearances;
Public Security Policies, Drug Policies, and Governance.

-4- You can submit a proposal for a Program’s Ongoing Series (in such case, please contact the Editorial Board directly).

To discover our Series, please click here : https://www.noria-research.com/research/noria-mexico-central-america/violence-takes-place-noria-series/

-5- Texts should be based on empirical research, and written for a general audience (please do not send an academic article).

-6- The length should by no means exceed 2,000 Words, including footnotes (Harvard style). Bibliography and references should be kept to a minimum.

-7- Texts should be original although they may be shorter, revised version of a text that has been published in an academic journal. If this is the case, it should be mentioned when sending the paper.

-8- All the articles will be evaluated, reviewed, and potentially accepted for publication by MXCA’s editorial team. Similarly, the editorial team may recommend translation into English or Spanish.

-9- Authors will not be remunerated.

Submit a short proposal, presenting your work, or a full article, at the following email address: editorial-board-mxac@noria-research.com

3. Write in our Blog on Animal Político

The MXAC Program has a blog space on Animal Político website.

The blog, in Spanish, aims at publishing op-eds.

The submissions shall not exceed 1,000 words.

Proposals should be sent to the following email address:


In addition to the text, a separate file should include the author’s full name, as well as his or her institutional affiliation (if applicable).

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