Doris Buu-Sao

Doris Buu-Sao is post-doctoral fellow at Arènes and research associate at the Centre for International Studies (CERI) of Sciences Po Paris. In 2017, she defended a thesis of political sciences titled Embedding the State: Confronting and Enacting Extractive Order in Peruvian Amazon. Studying ethnographically the effects of oil industry on Amazonian indigenous communities, her doctoral investigation sheds a light on the processes of state formation from its margins, through the relationship of local inhabitants with market economy, national political order and through the commitment of some of them in protests denouncing the state’s responsibility.

Recently, she has published an article titled “Indigènes et entrepreneurs : le capitalisme au village » (Indigenous and Entrepreneurs : Capitalism in the Village), which was awarded the Young Author Prize of theSociologie du travail journal (vol. 60, n° 3, 2018) and another one titled « Enfrentarse a la industria petrolera: dependencia cotidiana y protesta en la selva peruana » (Confronting Oil Industry: Daily Dependency and Protest in the Peruvian Amazon) in América latina hoy (vol. 79, 2018). 


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