Mathilde Allain

Chief Editor

Research Area: Colombia, Chili
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Regional Program: Central America

Mathilde Allain is a South America Analyst, with a particular focus on Colombia and Chile. Her research addresses social movements, the role of civil society in peace processes, and the political economy of land and natural resources. She is based in Santiago de Chile.

She is Associate Researcher at the Emile Durkheim Center at Sciences-Po Bordeaux and conducted her PhD research at the Emile Durkheim Center at Sciences-Po Bordeaux (2012-2016), co-supervised at the CRAPE (Center for Research on Political Action in Europe) in Rennes.

She is a graduate of Sciences-Po Bordeaux and holds a Master’s in Risk Management in the South, International Cooperation and Development. Since 2012, she has carried out research in several rural areas in Colombia, and since 2016 in Chile with various civil society organizations.

Publications on Noria

Colombia: one year later, peace makes no headway.

One year after the peace accord between the Colombian government of Juan Manuel Santos and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, signed on November 24, 2016, its implementation is making no headway. This article examines the main obstacles to the materialization of the peace accord, from its difficult incorporation in Colombian law, to concrete problems identified by peasant organizations and NGOs that defend the victims of the conflict. Issues of power-sharing, security and land are at the core of present difficulties.

Colombie : un an après, la paix piétine

Un an après la signature d’un accord de paix le 24 novembre 2016 entre le gouvernement colombien de Juan Manuel Santos et les Forces Armées Révolutionnaires de Colombie (FARC), sa mise en place piétine. Cette analyse propose de revenir sur les principaux enjeux de la mise en œuvre de l’accord en Colombie. Elle s’arrêtera dans un premier temps sur les difficultés d’adaptation de celui-ci au sein du droit colombien, puis mettra en lumière les obstacles concrets pointés du doigt par les organisations paysannes et les associations de défense des victimes du conflit. Les enjeux politiques, sécuritaires et fonciers sont centraux pour comprendre le contexte actuel.

Accaparement foncier et négociations de paix en Colombie

Mathilde ALLAIN - Noria Research 2015 © To read this article in English, click here En novembre 2014, les FARC (Forces Armées Révolutionnaires de Colombie) réalisaient, de manière surprenante, la meilleure prise de leur histoire : un général de l’armée colombienne,...

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