Mathilde Allain

Author, Regional expertise : Americas 


Mathilde Allain is a PhD candidate in Political Science at Sciences Po Bordeaux (Emile Durkheim Center) and Associate Researcher at French Institute of Andean Studies (IFEA). Her research focuses on peasant and Afro-Colombian mobilization in Colombia and their relations with international solidarity networks. She did many field work in Colombia in various rural regions (2012-2014). She graduated with a Masters Degree in International Cooperation and Risk Analysis from Sciences Po Bordeaux.


Research topics : Colombian politics, collective action, peasant mobilization, land and human rights in peace negotiations, international solidarity, landgrabbing in Latin America.

Publications on Noria

Accaparement foncier et négociations de paix en Colombie

Mathilde ALLAIN - Noria Research 2015 © To read this article in English, click here En novembre 2014, les FARC (Forces Armées Révolutionnaires de Colombie) réalisaient, de manière surprenante, la meilleure prise de leur histoire : un général de l’armée colombienne,...