Felix Legrand

Partnership manager

Research Area: Syria
Languages: Arabic, English, French
Regional Program: MENA


Felix Legrand is a Syria Analyst and directs the Civil Wars program. His research bears upon political and military structures of non-state actors in Syria. He is based in Paris.

Felix Legrand is an independent researcher, consultant and French-Arabic interpreter. From 2013 to 2015, he worked with the Arab Reform Initiative think-tank. In 2012, he took part in founding the NGO Initiative for a New Syria.

A graduate of Sciences-Po Paris, he studied Arabic in Yemen (2010) and Syria (2011). He has conducted fieldwork in Northern Syria and Southern Turkey.

Publications on Noria

Les camps palestiniens dans la révolution syrienne

Arrivés par vagues successives du nord de la Palestine en 1948, du Golan en 1967 et du Liban dans les années 1980, les Palestiniens sont aujourd'hui 500 000 à vivre en Syrie, la plupart dans des camps de réfugiés progressivement transformés en quartiers périphériques...