Who we are

Noria is a think tank based on a community of researchers specialized in international politics.
Our ambition is to make sense of political and social continuities, ruptures, and disruptions in international politics. At the core of our intellectual identity stand two principles:  abidance by academic criteria, and field-based research.

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Noria (from the Spanish “noria”, and the Arabic “nā‘ūra”)

An irrigation device, invented in the Middle East and Andalusia, and consisting of a series of continually turning buckets on a wheel, that collects water from rivers in order to regulate land irrigation.

What we do

Noria chiefly aims at creating synergies between researchers in international politics. It thus encourages collective research gathering specialists from several backgrounds. As of today, Noria hosts three regional programs: the South Asia Program, the Middle East and North Africa Program and the South America Program. While each of them revolves around a specific area of the world, it is first and foremost organized along key research questions

Noria periodically organizes thematical workshops in Paris for Ph.D. candidates and researchers to present their latest findings and to share and discuss their experiences from the field.

The website, both in English and French, offers papers dovetailing academic research and political analysis, maps and photo reports, all pertaining to current international issues.

While abiding by academic criteria, they target a wider audience of policymakers, experts, and a well-informed readership; a unique format which allows our team to contribute to the public debate. Our researchers’ analyses can also be read in many leading newspapers and media outlets.

Noria also provides world-class expertise to international consultancy firms and international organizations.

How we work

Noria’s researchers’ objective is to make a difference in political analysis by working as close as possible to ongoing social dynamics. By operating in the field, we aim at building local knowledge as well as articulating micro and macro scales of analysis.

As of today, Noria brings together researchers from and/or regularly based in more than a dozen countries. These long stays, along with fluency in local languages, provide us with an acute, in-depth knowledge of the social and political dynamics at work in the regions we are studying.

We give critical importance to intellectual independence and scientific objectivity both in our approach to field work and in our productions.